Pip-Boy 3000

Made by kosh23, uploaded

Pip-Boy 3000 Made by kosh23 Apr 30, 2014


The ultimate wearable? Knowing my forearm and hand would be in a cast, I needed a way to be able to access my iPhone easily. In addition, I wanted a way to cool the cast and a way to illuminate my surroundings. Hence, was born the PipBoy 3000 cast cooler!
Printed in ABS on Replicator 2X, medium quality, mostly no supports or rafts at 120% enlargement to fit cast. The interior was carved out with a Dremel tool to remove the interior shelf. An opening was cut in the top to fit a 12V 60mm fan. The piece which holds the Geiger counter gauge was hollowed out and rebuilt with a slightly lifted roof in order to house a 9V battery. The business end of a seven LED dollar store flashlight was severed and mounted into a hole drilled on the right side of the case. The bezel was modified slightly to fit my iPhone 4S, and note the two white plastic tabs which hold the iPhone in place when the bezel is closed. Three pushbutton switches were wired into the front of the bezel, one of which is not used at this point. Turning on the fan draws air through the porous cast cooling it, and removing any moisture. I had to try several 12V 60mm fans find one that ran adequately at 9 V. A 3D printed honeycomb fan cover protects the outside of the fan. Assembled with a ABS/acetone slurry, and painted with black Krylon primer, then several codes of Krylon brass. Super magnets hold the shell shut and allow easy removal.

ohh man i would love to have that , thats pretty cool

That is a thing of beauty.

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