Dock for Dyson DC34

Made by drofnas, uploaded

Dock for Dyson DC34 Made by drofnas Aug 22, 2014


Dock for Dyson DC34 by joostn Nov 20, 2013


Using the JSCAD file provided I was able to make one for my Dyson DC56 vacuum. Here's all the variables I have in my file for the JSCAD file, just replace this block with what's in the original file to create your own STL file:

var batthickness=26.4;  
var battwidth=76;  
var pistolwidth=28.5;  
var d2=90;           // length of holder (back)  
var d3=65;           // length of holder (front)  
var d4=28;           // pistol edge to end of battery  
var d5=14.5;         // first plug end to end of battery  
var d6=28;           // second plug end to end of battery  
var d7=16;           // width of connector holder foot  
var d8=12.5;         // diameter of plug  
var d9=d8+8;         // diameter of plug holder  
var d1=batthickness+14.7+d8/2;  // center of plug to bottom of battery  
var d10=10;          // depth of plug holder  
var d11=(d5+d6)/2;   // center of plug holder  
var d12=d1-batthickness/2; // y coordinate of center of plug  
var d13=3;           // connector holder tab gap  
var d14=5;           // connector holder tab thickness  
var d15=8;           // tab width  
var d16=3;           // tab screw radius  
var battmargin=0.25;  
var pistolmargin=2;  
var battholderthickness=3;  
var backplateextrathickness=2;

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