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3DPrintMi - Print. Make. Innovate. Made by cris11368 Oct 16, 2014


3DPrintMi - Print. Make. Innovate. by gyronictonic May 31, 2013


Accidentally deleted my old make somehow. That's kind of sad, lost that image of it before it put the electronics on. Here are some more recent pics.

I am using a hybrid MXL-Belt/120LB Test Line for my X-Carriage.

My Y-Carriage is purely 120LB Test line driven. I have a 10"x8"x3/32" painters tape covered pane of glass as my build plate being held by a design of my own.

Powered by a modded PC Power Supply and controlled by a RAMPS 1.4 setup.

Other than tiny wrinkles from the fishing line (its not smooth) my prints are pretty good and fast.

Anyone have a suggestion for a smoother line I could use?

Here are the clips for the glass. Will work with a stock setup and any 3/32" thick glass pane 8"xAnything . (thing:501454)

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