Hell Skull

Made by JSquaredZ, uploaded

Hell Skull Made by JSquaredZ Oct 18, 2014



How I made:
Sliced in Cura 14.09
Layer height .25mm (large layers with Colorfabb XT for better transparency
Shell Thickness 1.2 (3x my .4mm nozzle)
Bottom/Top thickness : 1.25mm (5x Layer height)
speed 30mm/s (slow speeds give better transparency with Colorfabb XT)
Fill density to 0% (ie no fill)

On the ultimaker 2:
Colorfabb XT clear filament
Extruder temp 260F
Fans at 25%
Bed at 80C

Bonded to glass buildplate with Purple stick Elmers.

Really nice design. Thanks Sculptor.

Too bad no remixing allowed. Would love to put some electronics into this thing and make a halloween flasher Hell skull. lol... I am sure thats exactly what you want to avoid. Again Kudos on the design and getting featured.

Yup, thats exactly why :)

Comments deleted.

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