About makecoolthings

Inventor, Maker, disruptive influence, mad scientist, Evil Genius.

I learned at an early age that it is possible to be too smart for one's own good. Some adults can feel quite threatened by encountering such a child... Sometimes these adults are in charge of your future, such as teachers, or psychologists... Following a failed attempt by several such adults to return me to the herd or cull me entirely, I fled underground, suffering a lasting and crippling social disability in the process. In the decades that followed, I have stayed hidden, in the dark corners of the internet which has raised me and taught me... Scheming, plotting, biding my time, until my day of reckoning is at hand!

The world has been warned.

Doooooooooooom. ヽ(。∀゚)ノ


I Am A…

Maker, Engineer, Artist

Tools I Use…

Printers: CTC-3D 'Bizer' (Replicator 1 Dual clone)

Design Programs: Inventor, Illustrator, Photoshop

3D Design Skill Level