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Retired mechanical engineer after many years in the blow moulding and injection moulding industry.

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Maker, Designer, Engineer

Tools I Use…

Printers: Robox, Prusa Original i3 Mk2 MM, Kodama

Design Programs: Moment of Inspiration (Moi)

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Rotary to linear drive by mgg942 Oct 29, 2015

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Peaucellier-Lipkin 'rotary to linear' linkage. Take 3 by mgg942 Nov 15, 2015
Mangle wheel and pinion by mgg942 Dec 7, 2014
Two speed capstan by mgg942 Jul 8, 2014
Wave Pendulum via 3D printing by mgg942 Sep 20, 2013
1,048,576:1 Planetary gear set derived from "Tiny Planetary Gears Set" by aubenc by mgg942 Dec 25, 2013