About mgx

Software engineer by day, maker and designer in my spare time. I like to design simple and utilitarian designs: things that have as few parts as possible, and print faster than a trip to the store.

For my delta 3D printer, see: http://www.mariusg.com/3dprinter

For the 3D scanning turntable: http://www.github.com/mgx3d/


I Am A…

Maker, Engineer, Professional

Tools I Use…

Printers: MG-03 Delta

Design Programs: OpenSCAD, 3D Builder


A snapshot of mgx's favorite designs, collections and makes

Pegstr - Pegboard Wizard by mgx Nov 10, 2014
Quick-Release Bar Clamps by mgx Jul 27, 2017
MOAB - MOther of All fan Brackets by mgx Oct 15, 2013
Customizable Cyclone Separator by mgx Jul 28, 2013
Drill bit sharpener by mgx Sep 20, 2015

Verified Files

Extrusion shelving system by mgx Apr 13, 2016