About multirap

New quadruple power in 3D printing

Four colors 
Four materials
Four nozzle sizes
Ooze- and drip-free
Excellent surfaces
More efficiency during the printing process – considerably less production time


The Multex4Move provides for distinct improvements on several levels that open up completely new dimensions in the field of 3D printing. Due to the clever design, oozing (dripping during multiple hotend printing) is finally a thing of the past. We achieve this by only allowing our active nozzle to be in direct contact with the model.

In this campaign you can order either a Multex4Move extruder by itself, or together with proven Multirap M420 3D-Printer (as construction kit).
Multec is a german company specialized in 3d-printer design, devlopment of printing materials and new innovative extruder for multiple printing.
Multirap is available as single oder dual printer, and coming soon as quad-extruder with patented anti-oozing design. The printer are designed especially regarding good stiffness and accuracy for working as a milling machine for pcb, plastics and wood, engraving machine as well as a 3D-Printer. It is available in three sizes: 400x210x220 and 305x210x160 and 210x210x160mm.
Have a look at it here: https://www.multec.de/
Here you can find the new extruder Multex4Move:

So the multirap is built up with precision linear rail guides and a stable aluminium structure.
It is a complete mechanical set, which is easily assembled with the help of a construction guidance and also is available as fully assembled.
Please visit http://www.multirap.de for additional information. But feel free to ask us for more information.


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Printers: Multirap M420