customizable delta kossel effector 3 fan by odino Nov 11, 2017
G3D display box for my delta by odino Jun 17, 2017
Prusa i3 dual extruder cyclops hotend by odino May 31, 2017
Anycubic MK8 fly extruder parametric openscad by odino Apr 8, 2017
Ymir from smite more detailed separated mesh by odino Nov 1, 2016
My Magnet Shackle Implementation by odino Aug 26, 2016
Mini delta kossel with Igus stuff and fly extruder by odino Jul 10, 2016
X-end leadscrew for Prusa i3 by odino Nov 23, 2015
parametric clamp small gear for wade extruder by odino Aug 25, 2015
Simply Auto bed with Capacitive proximity AND ONLY a 12V relay by odino Aug 7, 2015
minimal J-head bracket bowden extruder by odino Jul 29, 2015
Alternative prusa i3 corner by odino Jun 30, 2015