About peter_

i really enjoy open source 3d printing, and absolutely love the idea and the project. my dad and i tend to work together on a lot of 3d printing projects, and together we've designed and built two 3d printers (one larger one, and one smaller one with an acrylic build chamber and heated table). i also released an open-source gcode visualization tool using the processing language a little while ago.

my major project these days is developing the first working prototype for an 'open selective laser sintering' printer, with more information available on the reprap builders blog. it's really fun, and has the potential to be simple, to produce much higher resolution prints, to be low-cost, and able to handle complex geometries with overhangs. i'd really like to be able to design and produce a working prototype of a $200 3d printer that everyone could have on their desk top.

academic stuff: i'm a phd student in neural computation at mcmaster university in hamilton, ontario, canada. my research studies how people represent things like concepts and language in their brains, then try to get computers to do something similar, and learn concepts and language like a baby does. my undergrad was a combination of astro/optical physics and cognitive artificial intelligence at the university of waterloo.

feel free to learn more about my academic stuff online here: http://cogsci.mcmaster.ca/~peter . my graphical cv is available online at: http://cogsci.mcmaster.ca/~peter/peterjansen_graphical_cv.pdf