About philxing

I have a Flux delta, a D-Force v2 300, and an Atom 2.5 EX so far for fooling around.
I am still learn modeling skills.

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Printers: Atom 2.5 EX

Design Programs: Tinkercad, Fusion360

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FLUX Users 13 138
ATOM 0 11


A snapshot of philxing's favorite designs, collections and makes

Goggle for Gogoro EV panel by philxing Dec 25, 2016
Quick Start Shells for Gogoro EV key fob. by philxing Aug 1, 2016
Extruder Knob in dual color by philxing Jan 23, 2017
Wrench Holder (ATOM Tool Kit) by philxing Jan 22, 2017
Removal Knife Scabbard by philxing Feb 1, 2017