Colt 1911 airsoft magazine belt clip holder by production Dec 16, 2017
Winsen (ZE and ME series) gas sensor solderless mounting pad. by production Jul 6, 2017
E3D v6 direct extruder for (not only) Hangprinter by production Jun 30, 2017
Hangprinter sliced for smaller printers by production May 30, 2017
Mendel Max 1.5 z axis rod stabilizer for 608 ball bearings by production Mar 28, 2017
7 inch display case (Tontec or Innolux) Smooth version by production Mar 24, 2017
Cable clips, spool holder, filament guide for 2020 Misumi rail (Reprap Mendel Max) by production Mar 16, 2017
Case for DC-DC step down converter (MH series) by production Mar 16, 2017
Ring lamp/macro light for 50 cheap LEDs (no soldering required!) by production Mar 13, 2017
MKS Sbase 32 Smoothieboard holder with fan for Mendel Max by production Mar 2, 2017
[Nishebrod Collection] Led string holder (NEAT!) for Leroy Merlin's wardrobe system (Larvij) and compatibles by production Jan 8, 2017
Box case enclosure for Baite BTE13-001 DC-DC voltage step down converter by production Dec 28, 2016