Dremel slot cutter by production Sep 26, 2016
Ring lamp/macro light for 50 cheap LEDs (no soldering required!) by production Mar 13, 2017
Universal Dremel - Bosch Blue - Bosch Green battery cap by production Sep 29, 2016
7 inch display case (Tontec or Innolux) by production Mar 27, 2016
Hangprinter sliced for smaller printers by production May 30, 2017
Triangle key for 8 mm triangles by production Jul 30, 2016
7 inch display case (Tontec or Innolux) Smooth version by production Mar 24, 2017
Cable clips, spool holder, filament guide for 2020 Misumi rail (Reprap Mendel Max) by production Mar 16, 2017
Vertical X axis for Mendel Max 1.5 Lulzbot style with CNC MOTOR HOLDER (NEW!) and anti-wobbling by production Jun 21, 2016
Case for DC-DC step down converter (MH series) by production Mar 16, 2017
Hex bit ring 24mm useful jewellery by production Jan 11, 2016
Dual E3D v6 Jhead Hotend Mount X carriage for Mendel, Prusa originally by DRAGUNARTS by production Feb 15, 2016