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Printers: HICTOP Prusa i3 3DP-11

Design Programs: OpenSCAD


A snapshot of rcolyer's favorite designs, collections and makes

Screw Threads, Holes, Bolts, Nuts, and Rods Library by rcolyer Jul 23, 2016
Plot Function library for OpenSCAD, with Cartesian, Polar, and Axial coordinates by rcolyer Jun 18, 2017
Customizable Drywall Anchors, Auger-Style by rcolyer Mar 21, 2017
Double-Slit Experiment 3D Representation by rcolyer Jun 19, 2017
Ergonomic Door Knob Lever, Fully Parametric by rcolyer Jul 29, 2016
Quick Change Filament Filter by rcolyer Jul 23, 2016