About rebeltaz

I am a self-proclaimed know-it-all. I will tackle any project regardless of my experience, or lack thereof. Always ready to learn something new. With over 25+ years experience in electronic repair and 10+ years experience in small engine / ATV / motorcycle repair, there is nothing I can't fix, modify or build.

Why a pepper? In case anyone is curious as to why there is a hot pepper embossed into most of my designs... My nickname is Pepper and that little pepper logo is a hell of a lot shorter than "Copyright © 2017 by Derek J.G. Tombrello" which is how I usually sign my work :D



I Am A…

Maker, Artist, Designer

Tools I Use…

Printers: TEVO Tarantula

Design Programs: Sketchup, Blender, MeshLab

3D Design Skill Level



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