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Printable LM8UU bushing v3 by triffid_hunter Feb 1, 2012
Anet A8 Hotbed Spring Bushing by rolleyflex Mar 1, 2017
SC8UU compatible linear bushing with M4 thread by lukie80 Dec 13, 2015
LM8uu bushing for Prusa i2, i3, Air2... by avalero Mar 5, 2013
Customizable LM8UU graphite impregnated bronze bushing adapter by AndrewBCN Jun 13, 2015
Parametric Spool Bushing by neonpolaris May 30, 2014
Printable LM8UU-sized PLA bushing by triffid_hunter Nov 15, 2011
1911 Bushing Wrench by PrintedFirearm Jan 22, 2015
The banana XY bushing block and belt tensioner. Drop in replacement for the ultimaker by MoonCactus Jan 29, 2013
DaVinci Bushing Retainer by neua Jun 7, 2015
Printable lm8uu bushing by spacejunkie9 Jul 18, 2013
Stringed bushing (LM8UU replacement) by andyhomes Dec 18, 2016