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Better Spool Holder for M3D Micro 3D Printer by kmop Sep 4, 2015
Hollow filament spool with DVD's for M3D / Micro 3D printer (made with 2 CD/DVD) by Orngrimm Oct 3, 2015
Lace Cleats by miketanct Dec 20, 2015
3D filament holder for M3D printer (multiple spools) in Parts by hugoarchicad Apr 22, 2014
Quick Backlash Calibration V.2 by Muele Mar 4, 2017
Quick Backlash Calibration Method by Muele Apr 10, 2016
Scraper Holder M3D Micro by Shane_A Mar 27, 2015
Dowel Lock Bracket by siliconghost Jan 22, 2016
Multi-Layer Interactive Animal Cell by YZET00 Jul 14, 2016

Educational Thing

3D filament holder for M3D printer (multiple spools) revised by hugoarchicad Apr 15, 2014
Arduino Rover by JonoCreate May 25, 2017
Single Piece M3D Spool Holder w/Filament Guide by marcforsyth1988 Mar 27, 2016