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Melzi Ardentissimo backplate/box by Malx Jan 11, 2012
Box for motherboard MELZI. by S_Frist Sep 15, 2016
Melzi v2.0 Box by URkA Apr 9, 2016
Melzi Case 210x50x40mm for Hesine M-505 by roha Dec 21, 2015
MELZI BOX 2FAN + MOSFET by cegavantes Apr 7, 2017
prusa i3 Zonestar p802 Melzi 80mm fan holder and duct by bunjatec Apr 6, 2016
Wanhao Duplicator I3 Melzi to RAMPS Adapter with fans attachment by cheetahkid Feb 24, 2016
DiscoEASY200 avec Melzi by dagoma Nov 2, 2016
Melzi to RADDS board mount by jamesarm97 Jan 20, 2016
Melzi V3D Cooler bracket by Den_3D Nov 26, 2016
RepRap Discount Smart Controller to Melzi Adaptor PCB by SparkieDave10 Oct 5, 2014
Fan frame for Melzi on Prusa i3 by ethan42411 Aug 22, 2015