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2-in-1 fan duct: extruder and filament cooler for E3D V6 and others by eiPionezero May 20, 2015
E3D v6 integrated fan layer by shuttl3d Oct 22, 2014
E3D-v6 Fan Duct by joshuarowley42 May 23, 2014
E3D v6 Bowden X-carriage mount Prusa i3 by Tech2C Nov 16, 2014
E3D v6 Fan Duct by Tech2C Nov 16, 2014
Monoprice MP Select Mini E3D Hotend Adapter by bbenchoff Jun 11, 2016
E3D v6 Hotend - 40mm Fan Duct by loco Jun 5, 2014
E3D fan with integrated layer-fan by Tom114 Aug 31, 2016
E3D Custom UM2 Mount by lions3 Aug 31, 2015
Fan Duct for E3D hotend by euphy Sep 21, 2013
Direct-drive hinged extruder for E3D/J-Head hot-end (Prusa i3) by ffleurey Sep 7, 2013
Anet A6 - Frankenstein (E3D v6 / Volcano) by NickRimmer Aug 6, 2016