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2-in-1 fan duct: extruder and filament cooler for E3D V6 and others by eiPionezero May 20, 2015
E3D v6 integrated fan layer by shuttl3d Oct 22, 2014
E3D-v6 Fan Duct by joshuarowley42 May 23, 2014
E3D v6 Bowden X-carriage mount Prusa i3 by Tech2C Nov 16, 2014
E3D v6 Fan Duct by Tech2C Nov 16, 2014
E3D v6 Hotend - 40mm Fan Duct by loco Jun 5, 2014
Monoprice MP Select Mini E3D Hotend Adapter by bbenchoff Jun 11, 2016
E3D Custom UM2 Mount by lions3 Aug 31, 2015
Direct-drive hinged extruder for E3D/J-Head hot-end (Prusa i3) by ffleurey Sep 7, 2013
Fan Duct for E3D hotend by euphy Sep 21, 2013
i3 Rework E3D Extruder by Mak-a-face Feb 26, 2014
E3D fan with integrated layer-fan by Tom114 Aug 31, 2016