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Alot of plastic by cymon Feb 11, 2012

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Alot of Parts by cymon Feb 20, 2012
Alot of Wood by Gav Sep 4, 2012
Alot for DualExtruders by cymon May 18, 2012
This is the batman tumbler but this one is fully 3d printable if you use alot of supports and cleanup time. by Sammyboyb Jun 27, 2015
Makerbot Transformer Small (For People Who Don't Have Alot Of Time :]) by iXEmnyceXi Sep 21, 2015
make alot of numbers! by repetti22 Dec 24, 2013
Full Scale Stormtrooper Helmet (wearable) by Geoffro Jul 11, 2014
alot of pokemon by will_CORP Mar 18, 2015
Robo Kitty v1.0 by Geoffro Mar 16, 2015
Iron Man Bust (Repaired, flattened) by Geoffro Nov 30, 2014
Firefly by Firefly1504 Aug 6, 2015