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OctoPrint Raspberry Pi Rig 3.5" PiTFT Touch Display by adafruit Jun 2, 2016
OctoPrint Statue by KingRahl May 4, 2016
Relay Control OctoPrint Wanhao i3 by Jeffeb3 Mar 19, 2016
OctoPrint Raspberry Pi Case - UPDATED 20JAN2014 by Learn3DP Aug 15, 2013
Kossel Clear OctoPrint Wi-Fi-Pi camera case and mount by barneyj Feb 26, 2014
Raspberry Pi B+ Case (for OctoPrint) by bowerandy Oct 9, 2014
Octoprint Ultimate Lights / Fan / Temperature Control by vitormhenrique Apr 13, 2017
Wanhao i3 Clip on Raspberry Pi Octoprint Case by suzujoji Dec 2, 2016
Filament Runout Sensor for Marlin and Octoprint by murathanaraz Mar 2, 2017
RasPi model B+ case optimized for octoprint by SFLabs Aug 27, 2014
pi Zero-W case with cam mount (OctoPrint) by HauntFreaks Apr 16, 2017
Monoprice Select Mini Raspberry Pi 3 Mount (Octoprint) by zadthebad Mar 23, 2017