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Zelda Shield by ShopBox May 2, 2013
NES Legend of Zelda Shield by Taclys Aug 24, 2016
NES Legend of Zelda Shield Keychain by Taclys Aug 25, 2016
Hylian Shield. Zelda by ccendon Dec 12, 2015
Hylian Shield by smock13 Jul 17, 2013
Hylian Shield for Stubby Ring-a-thing by cymon May 10, 2012

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Revised Link Shield Drink Coaster from Zelda by Xenoster Oct 1, 2013
Link's Hylian Shield by adafruit May 13, 2015
Hylian Shield Keychain/Necklace Charm by xAuSolarisx Apr 27, 2015
Twilight Princess Zelda Hylian Shield by BrittLiv Jan 1, 2014
The Legend of Zelda Link's Shield Coaster by uwcrutch Jul 15, 2013
Deku Shield Zelda Ocarina of Time by haycurt Jan 18, 2015