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Anet A8 Probe Bracket by Ratm3at Aug 31, 2016
Anet A8 Probe Bracket for anet sensor by chelrix Nov 6, 2016
Anet A8 Probe Bracket for m8 sensor by Grahn Sep 6, 2016
ANET A8 | Customizable E3D v6 Carriage / Bowden Mount by TNS Feb 12, 2017
Anet A8 3D-Touch Mount by OderWat Feb 7, 2017
18mm auto level sensor support for Anet A8 right side by lukeskymuh Nov 22, 2016
Anet A8 Magnetic Fan + Z-Probe Holder by Depaulicious Jan 27, 2017
Fan gaurd with by SPWA Oct 25, 2016
Anet A8 Z Axis Auto Level Sensor Mount by Samhutch89 May 14, 2017
Cable Chain Motor to Extruder head by SPWA Oct 27, 2016
8mm probe holder for Anet A8 E3D V6 mount by ChunkAhoy Apr 20, 2017
Probe scope holder by ugge75 Mar 4, 2017