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Duplo hexagon railroad crossing by satoer Dec 28, 2012

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Lego Train Track Crossing, straight by Vascilliator Jul 19, 2012
Duplo straight train track rails. by satoer Nov 28, 2012
Half length Duplo compatible straight train track rails by pjotrx Dec 1, 2013
LEGO DUPLO STRAIGHT SHORT RAIL by youngwing Jun 11, 2014
Lego compatible train track look-a-like by 3daybreaker Jul 1, 2014
Crossing Train Curves by Vascilliator Jul 13, 2012
Lego Railroad Crossing Track by gabeknuth Mar 3, 2016
Lego Train Track Buffer stop for Duplo rails by anvalin Nov 19, 2016
Marble Run, Lego Duplo compatible by bloechliger Jun 9, 2015
BRIO compatible train tracks with lego studs by lbroman Jan 1, 2017
Herringbone Doublesided Rack and Gear (Tetrix Bolt Holes) by zMath May 19, 2014