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"Skinny" Lego Track by Nut_Zach Aug 15, 2016
Lego Track. Simple in various sizes. by oleeskildsen Feb 6, 2017
Lego Track Adapter (blue / gray-area to 9V / RC / Power Functions area tracks) by togo Dec 14, 2014
Slotcar Lego Track by Ell71 Apr 18, 2017
Duplo hexagon railroad crossing by satoer Dec 28, 2012

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Mini Track Loader RC by Zedpi Sep 5, 2015
Lego Train Track, Curved by barspin Jul 13, 2012

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Lego Train Track Crossing, straight by Vascilliator Jul 19, 2012
Lego Train Track, Straight by barspin Jul 13, 2012
Duplo Brick to Brio Track adapter with snap-lock by Zydac Sep 9, 2010

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Lego Train Track Mini Crossing by TheGoofy May 18, 2015
Duplo train compatible switch track / rail switch by guco Jan 16, 2015