About shivinteger


− Is it Spam?

No, this is not spam; it is done with good intentions and with the aim of contributing new, thought-provoking, poetic and even humorous ways of making things.

− Is it Printable?

Yes, these models are designed with professional printing services in mind, not necessarily home printers. Yes they are difficult to print, but not impossible. Soon the most exemplary objects from this collection will be printed for an exhibition, your responses help make that selection.

− Is it Art?

Yes, this is art made from found objects and using chance, collage, generative and remix approaches. Art has been made using these methods for a century.

− Does Art belong in Thingiverse?

Yes, Thingiverse has an Art category. It is also well intentioned for art to be shown on platforms beyond art platforms to reach different audiences.

− Is this made of other people’s things?

Yes, Thingiverse is beautifully diverse in culture and these assemblies celebrate that by bringing them together, respecting the former author’s licences. Thingiverse uniquely facilitates remixing and this may result in things that borrow from your designs beyond what you had in mind, it is a freedom that you chose to grant to things.

− Why not make something original?

Shared authorship is just as interesting as sole creator creations, these objects have multiple authors that have all requested to be attributed in any subsequent works made from their things and this will be honoured at all times.

− What if I don’t like it?

Someone may not like your contributions to Thingiverse either; can we still respect each other and share this platform? Please do not resort to insults. You may also learn to like it; the best art challenges your views.

− Can you make things more artistic and more printable?

That is a subjective matter; everyone is entitled to a view on what is artistic. This account is not a service to satisfy your personal needs either, if you can’t print these items on your machine, you are welcome to remix them into something that can do that for you.

− Why doesn’t the description tell me what it is for?

These objects have no utilitarian function. The description has been used as best as possible to describe from what they were made and how they were made. There is no rational thought process behind these works, they are guided by chance, but they still have the potential to elicit your own interpretations through the coincidental combinations of explainable artefacts.