About sketchpunk

Just a dreamer with to many ideas and so little time to execute. By day I'm a mild mannered software developer but once I punch out I enjoy to exercise my creativity in many forms. For example, wood working, 3dprinting, electronics and cartooning. My hope is to one day find a way where my family and I can live comfortably without the need to walk into an office everyday, instead dedicate my time in personal maker projects and open source software. Until then I'll do what I can, learn new skills to make even more things and educate my kids in my geeky maker ways in hopes that if I can't live the dream, maybe they can succeed where I have failed.


I Am A…

Maker, Artist

Tools I Use…

Printers: Flashforge Creator Pro

Design Programs: FreeCAD

3D Design Skill Level



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Flashforge 677 2,561
FreeCAD 24 1,268


A snapshot of sketchpunk's favorite designs, collections and makes

A Maker's Stolmen Shelve Clone v2 by sketchpunk Sep 17, 2015
Laptop LCD Panel Skeleton Frame by sketchpunk Feb 5, 2016
PowerBot QI Charger Stand / Clamp / Mount / Etc by sketchpunk Mar 5, 2015
Mechanical Iris by sketchpunk Apr 15, 2015
The qInch Project : Arduino Testing Rig by sketchpunk May 7, 2015
Beastgrip Remix MK3 by sketchpunk Mar 12, 2016