Things tagged with '175mm'

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Improved Compact Bowden Extruder, direct drive 1.75mm (6mm fittings) by Coffea May 7, 2017
Filament Grommet / Container (1.75mm bowden) by Coffea Apr 11, 2017
Voron Belted Extruder (Extra Tension) by Maglin Apr 8, 2017
Filament multi-reel clips for 1.75mm by simplr Mar 18, 2017
Simple Spanner for Bowden Extruder - Tevo Tarantula (and Other) 1.75mm² filaments by Profan3 Feb 16, 2017
1.75/3mm filament guide by Reapingminer Jan 18, 2017
Anet A6/A8 upgrade: Filament Filter for 1.75, 2.85 and 3mm by Photograaf16 Jan 18, 2017
guide filament 1.75mm déporté by espiers Jan 8, 2017
Dual Titan E3D Direct Drive 1.75mm/3mm V6 Hotend Combo X Carriage Prusa i3 Style LM8UU by OpticDriver Dec 30, 2016
Extruder Upgrade for 1.75mm E3D-v6 on LulzBot TAZ 4.1 by bfesser Dec 8, 2016
Filament clip by Trobinou Dec 5, 2016
Filament Dust Filter by herisuprapto Nov 19, 2016