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Monoprice Mini E3D v6 fan shroud with Dii Cooler by chevyfried Apr 11, 2018
Re-X Carriage Radial Right Fan with D Cooler by Coffman34 Feb 21, 2018
DiiiCooler Shim for Di3 v2.1 by grantisimo Feb 10, 2018
Z-probe bracket for Duplicator i3 Plus with Diiicooler by ppardee Jan 21, 2018
40mm version - Cooling Fan Duct for E3D v6 (DiiiCooler Compatible) by printaway Dec 30, 2017
Makerfarm e3d dii cooler by girrrrrrr2 Aug 26, 2017
ZeXeY Fan Duct by Kldz Jun 1, 2017
Prusa/Mendel xcarriage for Pawpawpaw85's DiiCooler by SunGear Feb 20, 2017
Malyan M150 DiiiCooler mount by dunkwho Jan 6, 2017
CiiiCooler for Wanhao Duplicator i3 / Maker Select by Pawpawpaw85 Dec 30, 2016
DiiiCooler adapter by N_Putting Oct 31, 2016
E3D Compatible Dii Cooler by Telemetry3D Sep 22, 2016