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knife fidget by prahaladh 2 days ago
Magnet-Toy or XSnaps by Dustmeoff12 2 days ago
fidget spinner by prahaladh 2 days ago
Council Ricks Fidget Spinner Badge by TomSmithCreations 3 days ago
Rolling Ellipses fidget desk toy by WildRoseBuilds 6 days ago
Midget Fidget! by WardR Sep 16, 2017
Zen Wobble Egg by mindstormmaster1 Sep 14, 2017
fidget twisty thing by Hitchabout Sep 13, 2017
Fenta - the mini fidget spinner (r188 size) by Fetiu Sep 12, 2017
Gyroscopic relaxing keyring dual, two / four, or more color by maaspt Sep 9, 2017
Punisher Fidget Spinner by mtairymd Sep 8, 2017
Gyro Fidget by Habor Sep 4, 2017