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Euro fidgetspinner with little flaw by Syzguru11 3 hrs ago
Circle Fidget Spinner / Wheel Fidget Spinner by NerWhale 4 hrs ago
Fablab spinner by thilab 8 hrs ago
Steampunk Fidget Spinner by PlacidCat 2 days ago
Just a tweak on an already awesome spinner by JamieBass 2 days ago
Wheel fidget spinner - complete with tire by PlacidCat 3 days ago
24-Cent-Drehfummler (fidget spinner) by Mardor 3 days ago
Spinners with Balls: Volume X - Vertical Spinners by dacinator 4 days ago
6 M12 nut spinner by Funderaren 4 days ago
Atomic Nut Spinner by Gazorpa 5 days ago
Atomic Bearing Spinner by Gazorpa 5 days ago
Police Box Spinner (resembles a Tardis) by mistertech 6 days ago