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2020 Nema 17 Motor Mount by BioSquid 13 hrs ago
STG1 (yet another custom printer!) by stormtrooperguy 4 days ago
Folgertech Prusa I3 X axis belt tensioner "Folgermod" by ConceptualmaN 5 days ago
Folgertech Prusa I3 2020 Titan e3d v6 Direct Drive Mount w/BLTouch on OpenBuilds Mini V Gantry Plate by mopar99 6 days ago
Folgertech FT5 Magnetic Enclosure by DRJONE5 Jun 17, 2017
FolgerTech FT-5 + E3D Part Cooling Fan by 05SRT4 Jun 14, 2017
"Gunnozzle" 3D printer extrusion fan nozzle (print cooler) for Prusa I3 designs etc and mk8 mk9 etc. extruder . Design has built in scaffold by ConceptualmaN Jun 13, 2017
8mm LED Strip Mount (remix) by Afrobaron Jun 11, 2017
Trigorilla MOSFET mount for 2020 extrusion by stormtrooperguy Jun 10, 2017
Folger Tech FT-5 Dual Extrude Converter by Reaper666 Jun 7, 2017
Folgertech FT-5 Simple Solid Z Endstop Upper Mod by sjcantkite Jun 3, 2017
2020 Razor Blade Holder by Velocirotor May 28, 2017