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iPhone Gear Case by thatburritoth0 6 hrs ago
extruder with gear for Ultimaker by Doctor3lo 2 days ago
Gearing Mechanism by Paul235 2 days ago
Dice Spinner - No Bearings Required by Heliox 2 days ago
Gear Keychain by AlexPro 4 days ago
Refrigerator Magnet Gear Spinners by MechEngineerMike 4 days ago
STEEM GEAR by Nextin3D 5 days ago
Display handle for Gear Cube by MeekleMatter Oct 13, 2017
Heartgear (2x) desk stand by shiannyamin Oct 12, 2017
Parametric Lego Technic Circular Gear Rack by projunk Oct 9, 2017
Modulus Gear Customizer by SciTeacherEd Oct 7, 2017
HANDA 125 speedometer gear by Foron3d Oct 7, 2017