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Cog Wheel by YoYo_Crescendo 2 days ago
rc plane landing gear by sonicdesigner 2 days ago
Gear Hand Spinner by VLNTNF 4 days ago
Screw (Crossed Helical) Gear Drive Model by otvinta3d 4 days ago
Landing Gear for HK Sbach 342 PPE 900 mm (Radio Control Airplane) by breogan_celta 4 days ago
Robot joint gear strong 123:1 with herringbone by spacecap 5 days ago
Gear Design, Fidget Spinner (3 barrings) by DAVE42 5 days ago
Gear spinner no bearings by bevangg 6 days ago
Sewing machine replacement gear by silvxm May 22, 2017
Wind Powered Fidget Spinner (With Fins) by KikiTay May 20, 2017
~20 Tooth Gear~ [2mm Shaft] by TheManSteele May 19, 2017
Dual Edge Ratchet by Davidsson May 18, 2017