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Huxley E3D V6 Hot End Mount with Airflow Fix by henriksod Dec 20, 2017
RepRapPro Huxley E3D hotend bracket by peterstrapp Feb 23, 2017
Reprap huxley: stronger x-axis mounts by eggbowl Nov 29, 2016
Cooling fan for huxley by fersan99 Nov 14, 2016
Remix of ReprapPro z-motor mount by jhsandell Oct 22, 2016
Huxley fan from j-head by fersan99 Oct 3, 2016
Y axis for huxley modified by fersan99 Sep 21, 2016
Spessore_Fan_Spintore_Design _Rappy Hachette by gmiglietti Aug 24, 2016
Simple Ziptie Belt Tensioner by jzkmath Apr 23, 2016
eMAKER Huxley Remixed Bowden Extruder for use with E3D V6 by gdeemer86 Feb 24, 2016
eMAKER Huxley E3D V6 Lite Hot End Mount by gdeemer86 Feb 18, 2016
Huxley Techzone LM6UU x carriage (narrow) by crazytiti Dec 29, 2015