Things tagged with 'LMB6UU'

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T-O-M linear Bearing (upgrade) LMB6UU clamp - fits exactly 5.5m housing-thickness of TOM by UserMaker May 9, 2014
Nylon Linear bearing by MakeALot Dec 1, 2012
Y Axis Bearing Holder/Spacer by jag Mar 2, 2012
Spacer for SW06UU Linear Bearings by dnewman Jan 11, 2012
Z Axis linear bearing spacer for Thing-O-Matic by creo Dec 12, 2011
Linear Bearing Y Axis Carriage for ToM by MakeALot Sep 15, 2011
linear bearings for Y stage by teil3 Sep 13, 2011
Linear Bearing X Axis Carriage for ToM by MakeALot Jun 17, 2011

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