Things tagged with 'Laywoo-D3'

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Hanging Birdbath with Broad Brim by Roebi Feb 20, 2015
Wood Crate with Sliding Lid by kevin1ab Oct 12, 2014
Not Me by techknight Aug 26, 2013
EPIC Timelapse Video of Wood Filament Printed Yoda w/Gcode by Fused3D Feb 21, 2013
Roll Top Box Printed with Wood and Stained by Fused3D by Fused3D Feb 18, 2013
Level Flat Plate Competition - .2mm 260mm x 140mm x .2mm by Fused3D Feb 13, 2013
Thin Wood Veneer - Interactive Build Plate Levelling - Print Aid by Fused3D Feb 12, 2013
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) by Makerbot Printed with Wood Filament by Fused3D Feb 11, 2013
Sweetheart's Box by kevinpope Feb 8, 2013
laywoo-D3 spoolholder by MadBee511 Jan 23, 2013
Spool for Laywoo-D3 3mm and 1.75mm by 3Dprintergear Dec 29, 2012
Laywoo-D3 test by lampmaker Oct 11, 2012