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Dasaki Compact 1:3 Geared Extruder for Prusa i3 (MK7 drive gear) by dasaki Oct 8, 2016
kuro's geared bowden extruder (mk7/mk8, 1.75/3mm, instant locker, gear cleaning brush) by akajes Oct 4, 2016
MK(7/8/other) 40mm Fan to Nema-motor mount relief! by use_make Oct 3, 2016
Fiesta Carpet Mat Retaining Clip by crispybusiness Oct 1, 2016
Minimalistic Mk7-MK8 replacement by dasaki Sep 23, 2016
GTI Keychain by TK3DPrinting Sep 18, 2016
Prusa i3 Bowden Extruder by Domidod1d Jul 16, 2016
MK7/MK8 Acrylic Extruder by wkkpatrick Jun 28, 2016
J-Max_Bowden Belt Extruder (feeder) V1.0 by J-Max May 22, 2016
Prusa I3 Rework Bowden Extruder and Carriage with Inductive Sensor by chinzw May 10, 2016
DIY PrintRite MK7/MK8 Spring Loaded Drive Block by 1sPiRe May 8, 2016
Simple Bowden Extruder by Catfish4849 Mar 20, 2016