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Printable STL Printrbot Adjustable Spool Coaster by metaled Aug 29, 2014
Printrbot fan cover by Lemm Mar 1, 2014
Printrbot Alu Extruder adaptor plate to Plus V1 (PB+) by plexus Feb 7, 2014
Printrbot Alu extruder adapter parts (all models) by G0ldmember Jan 25, 2014
Printrbot simple tower by G0ldmember Jan 19, 2014
Printrbot Simple Tower LCD mount by Big-E Dec 1, 2013
Printrbot direct drive extruder by G0ldmember Nov 2, 2013
Printrbot Power Tower by G0ldmember Nov 2, 2013
100mm Box and Lid by mrsamnc Aug 11, 2013
Hybrid Wade's-Bowden Dual Extruder Mount for Printrbot by tdeagan Jul 12, 2013
Printrbot Plus V1 Z bar stabilizers by tdeagan Jun 9, 2013
Arduino (Uno) Altoids Insert by schlem Mar 29, 2013