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Anet A8 cooling fan plotter cover by akamalachai 2 days ago
Mini CNC Drawbot from CD/DVD drive parts by manespgav Sep 17, 2017
Anet A8 Plotter Mount Auto Leveling by Belmiro Sep 5, 2017
Anycubic Kossel Plotter Conversion by angusgbishop Aug 23, 2017
Pen plotter - draw on paper or create pcbs Zonestar p802 (v2) by txxt Aug 10, 2017
Dual 30mm Fan Duct w/ Pen Plotter Holder by uvwxy Aug 9, 2017
Knifeholder for simple z-Axis by Floppynator Jul 12, 2017
Stabilo Pen storage for M8 Rods by Floppynator Jul 12, 2017
Plotter for Wanhao DI3 by JaFelixRe Jul 10, 2017
Drawing Machine V2 by vertexENG Jul 10, 2017
Simple z Axis for Plotter, Drawing Machines or CNC by Floppynator Jul 9, 2017
Adapter from Drawing Machine (by cyul) to XY_Plotter (by modelatolyesi) by Floppynator Jul 7, 2017