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SG90 Servo Quadruped frame by mwilmar 21 hrs ago
GigaBrain special body hinges by megamikey Apr 6, 2018
Vorpal Raspberry Pi Board with 2x PCA9685 by megamikey Apr 6, 2018
GigaBrain Robot Case Building Blocks for Raspberry Pi Zero Battery PCA9685 by megamikey Apr 6, 2018
GigaBrain critter extendable robot hinges by megamikey Mar 22, 2018
Eyepot, a creepy four-legged teapot by chapelierfou Mar 18, 2018
Assemble of spider robot by monhambe Mar 7, 2018
spider robot by monhambe Feb 5, 2018
Budget Kame - A quadruped body for SG90 servos based on Kame by Mastod0n Feb 4, 2018
SMARS QUAD MOD by tristomietitoredeituit Jan 13, 2018
Q1 lite Simple Quadruped Robot (Designed by Jason Workshop) by jasonleung8866 Dec 27, 2017
Easy plug SG90 Spider Robot by mwilmar Dec 25, 2017