Things tagged with 'Wades'

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Lulzbot TAZ 5 Modified Olive Toolhead by discojon Jan 26, 2018
Wades L3K - Adjustable Radial Fan Mount (for Anet A8 Fan shrouds) by C_Cheetos Oct 8, 2017
Spur gears for Protomaker extruder by Venutech May 15, 2017
Lulzbot Extruder Beefy Idler Block for Greg/Wade style extruders - Heatset Insert Edition by piercet Mar 15, 2017
Radial Fan-mount/duct wade extruder prusa i3 by sap_joakim Nov 23, 2016
Inductive sensor holder by andergrin Sep 9, 2016
Ultimate Greg Wade Geared Extruder - Hobb-Goblin 8mm Hobbed Shaft Remix by PDBeal Aug 15, 2016
Small Herringbone Gear with larger tolerance. by TehStranger Jul 29, 2016
Mendel90 Wades block with added J-Head lip by kodde Jul 4, 2016
Pakstruder by pakman82 Apr 22, 2016
Robo 3D R1 Full Carriage / extruder assembly for E3D V6 and Hex(Screwless) by AlteredDimensions Mar 13, 2016
1.75MM filliament Wade's Reloaded Extended height Hexagon Mount Extruder by piercet Feb 19, 2016