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Wades L3K - Adjustable Radial Fan Mount (for Anet A8 Fan shrouds) by C_Cheetos Oct 8, 2017
Spur gears for Protomaker extruder by Venutech May 15, 2017
Lulzbot Extruder Beefy Idler Block for Greg/Wade style extruders - Heatset Insert Edition by piercet Mar 15, 2017
Radial Fan-mount/duct wade extruder prusa i3 by sap_joakim Nov 23, 2016
Inductive sensor holder by andergrin Sep 9, 2016
Ultimate Greg Wade Geared Extruder - Hobb-Goblin 8mm Hobbed Shaft Remix by PDBeal Aug 15, 2016
Small Herringbone Gear with larger tolerance. by TehStranger Jul 29, 2016
Mendel90 Wades block with added J-Head lip by kodde Jul 4, 2016
Pakstruder by pakman82 Apr 22, 2016
Robo 3D R1 Full Carriage / extruder assembly for E3D V6 and Hex(Screwless) by WADZoQUADZ Mar 13, 2016
1.75MM filliament Wade's Reloaded Extended height Hexagon Mount Extruder by piercet Feb 19, 2016
Tensioner Latch for Greg's Wade Reload Extruder by CthulhuLabs Feb 5, 2016