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Extruder Cold End 40mm Fan Shroud for Monoprice Maker Select v2.1 by xyzaxis 4 days ago
Wanhao D6 Fliament, Guide, Cleaner, Lubricator by AbsolutBeginner 4 days ago
MJW Octopi Mount for Raspberry Pi Zero W with Camera - Wanhao Duplicator i3 / i3 v2 / i3 v2.1 / i3+ by wassupdoc Oct 9, 2017
Cocoon Create Fan Cover/Spacers (Remix) by TJE Oct 7, 2017
Wanhao duplicator 4s MK10 top plate by 0veritas0 Oct 6, 2017
Customisable spool arm (no supports and flat layout) by Sneq Oct 2, 2017
Separated Z Endstops with Legends by ninjararstudio Oct 2, 2017
Wobble Decouplers (beta) for Wanhao Duplicator, Monoprice Maker Select, Other Clones by Gremble Sep 29, 2017
GoPro Mount for Wanhao D6/ MP Ultimate by DanielTheMaker Sep 24, 2017
Wanhao i3 plus. Replace stock heatsink fan for radical fan by EUGUY Sep 24, 2017
Wanhao duplicator 4s filament guide by 0veritas0 Sep 19, 2017
Wanhao i3 v2.1 fan duct (for stock 40x40 fan) by jousis Sep 17, 2017