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Prusa i3 improved X ends for normal or anti-backlash TR8 T8 nuts by Pwuts 16 hrs ago
Tevo Tarantula Z-Bracket Clone by DanEvil 1 day ago
ANYCUBIC i3 MEGA Z-Axis reference leveler by enry68 3 days ago
Anet A6 Z axis top plate M8 reinforced by qrisonline 3 days ago
TronXY X1 Z-Axis rod holder/stabilizer for 12mm bearing by Ozziemandias 6 days ago
Semi-automatic Z endstop for Anet A8 by Yakie Nov 14, 2017
Ultimaker Original UMO Z Stabilizer Ringing Layering by Borntrippy Nov 13, 2017
Nema 17 Z Axis Motor Mount by shanehooper Nov 12, 2017
Ultimaker 2 clone back cover by mmunoz Nov 10, 2017
Anet A8 single motor Z axis drive by osadchy Nov 9, 2017
Anti-Wobble 8mm by Javi91ac Nov 7, 2017
Flexible Shaft Coupler with Torsion Bar by Davros66 Nov 6, 2017