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GPS clock case by mikeymakesit 23 hrs ago
Arcade Button Control Box by adafruit 1 day ago
Stand For Adadruit Face Case by Atomsmasher 6 days ago
Glowing Apple of Eden Base (Remixed) by nmsr1196 Jun 22, 2017
Boomy The BoomBox by adafruit Jun 21, 2017
Guardian Robot, Hackable by steveut Jun 19, 2017
Housing for Adafruit Trinket and Maxbotix sonar sensor by mikeymakesit Jun 12, 2017
Adafruit solenoid valve housing by marxmit Jun 11, 2017
DIY LuanchPad Housing (Adafruit) by Electronic_Grenade Jun 10, 2017
Grill for Adafruit Speaker Set by wgbartley Jun 9, 2017
5in Portable HDMI Display by adafruit May 31, 2017
Wearable Pi Zero case for 2000mAh battery by ex-nerd May 27, 2017