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The third eye ( thermal holographic glasses) by zalpatuino 17 hrs ago
Adafruit Trinket Case by TheIrishWolf 3 days ago
Wire Spool Holder Carousel by adafruit 3 days ago
Thermal Camera by Stargrove1 4 days ago
Ball Ballancer - PID test rig by DaveGun 5 days ago
3D Printer Host Enclosure by milesnash 6 days ago
Circuit Playground Sound Box by adafruit Feb 14, 2018
Desktop fixture for official Raspberry Pi Camera, Grid Eye IR sensor breakout, and a Chinese 4-channel relay module by aspork42 Feb 13, 2018
5V box by KVEL Feb 11, 2018
Icon Box by ScottieD369 Feb 9, 2018
NeoPixel Butterfly Brooch by thisoldgeek Feb 6, 2018
Harry Potter - Luna Lovegood Spectre Spec frames for Adafruit NeoPixel Goggles by PurpleOranji Jan 31, 2018