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Canister-type Hepa Filter Adapter (Universal) by wubwub89 3 days ago
Improved Air Filter for Craftbot 2 "Advanced Upgrade Package" with Enclosure by ttait_vantim Nov 24, 2017
Smoking Sploof by asterkris Nov 18, 2017
HEPA Air Scrubber Chamber gasket and mount etc by mettauk Nov 14, 2017
Lawn Mower Air fliter by The_Great_Dano Nov 12, 2017
Hepa-13 / Active Carbon Filter for Air Filter / Solder Fume Extraction/3D Printer by GSink Oct 29, 2017
GX200/Predator 212 Airfilter Adapter by superbub112 Oct 5, 2017
Filastruder Active Carbon and Hepa Filter Mount by mbailly Sep 19, 2017
Simple Dust Filter Port (Using Pantyhose) by Cool_Junk Sep 7, 2017
3D Printer Air Filter / Heated Chamber (Lulzbot TAZ 5) by hobbyfin Sep 5, 2017
A replicator 2/2X air scrubber resized filter coupling by stuart2011 Aug 13, 2017
mini Air Filter (45mm fan) by craftweeks_chris Aug 1, 2017