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Altoids Nozzle & Parts Holder by WheresWaldo May 1, 2018
mintyPi (Raspberry Pi gaming handheld in an Altoids mint tin!) by wermy Apr 17, 2018
Colour palette for altoids box by HamburgCNC Apr 8, 2018
Altoids Bauhaus Chess by bru5 Apr 6, 2018
Altoids Tin Paint Palette by 3DBROOKLYN Mar 24, 2018
Altoids tin insert for nozzles by BaudlerArtDesign Mar 22, 2018
Altoids Tin Chess Board, Single and dual extruder versions by Phistterbut_Inc Mar 12, 2018
1/4 hex bit organizer for altoid tin by magnanimous_spirit Feb 25, 2018
Altoids Socket Wrench Organizer by Xiuhnel Feb 11, 2018
Earbud sp0ol Remixed to fit in Altoids Tin by MeisnerX Feb 10, 2018
Altoids Pocket Battleship Game by iPhoneCaseDesigner Jan 25, 2018
Altoids Earbud Case by CSteele0514 Jan 21, 2018