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Orthosis for Typing and touchscreen by GabrielaB 4 days ago
AT Switch by atmakers Mar 15, 2017
Wilmington Robotic EXoskeleton (WREX) Arm Remake by AlabamaDepartmentOfRehabServices Mar 10, 2017
OT student project : smartphone handler / bracelet de préhension pour smartphone by Pole_ergo Mar 5, 2017
Sensory Fidget Spinner by mrmacnology Mar 1, 2017
Muscular Dystrophy Flat Spoon by drato Mar 1, 2017
Braille Quadrant Graph Math Board by ATNeal Feb 28, 2017
Mini Braille Notetaker Model by ATNeal Feb 28, 2017
OT student project : smartphone USB plug helper / aide au branchement de cable USB by Pole_ergo Feb 26, 2017
Braille Rotor Box by ATNeal Feb 23, 2017
Camera Mount for Tobii EyeX Eye Gaze Device by atmakers Feb 9, 2017
Camera Mount for Honey Bee AT Switch by atmakers Feb 4, 2017