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Parametrical Bearing for FreeCAD by StreetPiet 13 hrs ago
Harbor Freight Cordless Drill Motor and BB Gearbox Conversion by dz1sfb 4 days ago
310mm bearing block by Landon1_2 6 days ago
Animatronic mini Ear module by Mark_Valentijn Jan 12, 2018
Spool holder - 6001 bearings by nagilum Jan 12, 2018
Yet another customizeable universal filament spool holder (again) (with ball bearings) by Jafix Jan 12, 2018
Parametric Ball Bearing by frikeldon Jan 10, 2018
Spool holder - ball bearing design by uldtot Jan 9, 2018
Z axis upgrade for Tevo Tarantula by Djoey Jan 6, 2018
Bearing balls for 50mm pvc pipe by manespgav Jan 5, 2018
Filament Holder for IKEA Stuva by Berlin_Engineer Jan 3, 2018
Planetary Gear Fidget Spinner by plusalphaDesigns Jan 3, 2018