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Prusa i3 Improved Ball Bearing Filament Holder by MasterChief2552 2 days ago
8mm bearing mount for 12mm Linear Rail support + 8mm Lead Screw by elufo Oct 14, 2017
Octagonal Ball Bearing by awaismqsd Oct 9, 2017
Mini Fidget Spinner 623zz B.B. by spillo87 Oct 1, 2017
Klangkugel-Halter mit Notenschlüssel by SUPERSPAMTUBE Oct 1, 2017
Ball Bearing Link Fidget toy. by Jimbotron Oct 1, 2017
Mini and universal spool holder with 608zz B.b. by spillo87 Sep 28, 2017
Unibody pulley for 684ZZ ball bearing by sonictrain Sep 9, 2017
Another Prusa i3 Geeetech Spool Holder by poison_doc Sep 9, 2017
ANET A8 Y axis on ball bearings - smooth and light ! by aeropic Sep 9, 2017
Laser Cut Fidget Spinners by viiictor Sep 6, 2017
Fidget Spinner Cap 608 Bearing or M10 Nut with screw by papanikolas Sep 1, 2017