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95 mm diameter Ball Bearing by twitte_king 1 day ago
BB Ball Bearing by darkreddrag0n 5 days ago
Octahedron Bevel Gear Fidget Spinner by plusalphaDesigns Aug 12, 2017
Just Another Simple Spool Holder by anhtien Aug 10, 2017
Anet A6/A8 Spool Wedge with bearing by 95MBP Aug 9, 2017
chmeee's fidget spinner by chmeee Aug 5, 2017
Spool support with 608RS ball bearing by LuigiIlMaker Aug 2, 2017
Bearings by The_LAB Jul 31, 2017
Bearing by medmega Jul 31, 2017
Ball Bearing Funnel (PET Bottle cap connector) by hoahluke Jul 29, 2017
Smooth spool holder for Zortrax M200 by Valor Jul 17, 2017
Wheel/ Wind Spinner Design by LeahStars8 Jul 16, 2017