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Raspberry Pi Zero W Camera Mount for 2020 extrusion by kalix_ 2 days ago
Ball Joint Sentinel Squid Robot by mrhers2 4 days ago
Glow-in-the-dark, poseable Skeleton w/ extras by BitsnBolts 5 days ago
ToothFairy by Marusya 5 days ago
LED ball and socket holder by Glyn Oct 15, 2017
Hot Wheels Duplo Compatible Ball Joint by rejamison Oct 9, 2017
High Flow Adjustable Shower Head by jrg49 Oct 7, 2017
Jointed Red Fox by Acinonyx3d Sep 29, 2017
*Remix* Action Figure Girl - Posable! by Kintall by DanEvil Sep 27, 2017
Tinkerplay Velociraptor- socket upgrade by BitsnBolts Sep 25, 2017
"Anya" jointed dragon Remix from Braq by CleverBast Sep 24, 2017
Ball and Socket Joint by Your3DConcepts Sep 24, 2017