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Draudi Rotating Plant Plate by CaptObvious 3 days ago
Coaster Spinner by mrkdiller 3 days ago
Spoolio - Hatchbox Spool Holder for 1kg 1.75mm Filiment by mjfidler 5 days ago
Tentacle Spinner by mrkdiller 5 days ago
Fidget Spinner by PhilCraft Aug 13, 2017
Filament Spool Spray Paint Turntable! by WildRoseBuilds Aug 13, 2017
Yoyo Hub Stack by JakeVStheUniverse Aug 13, 2017
Igus RJ4JP Prusa i3 Single / Double Holder by gustavoxpsarmy Aug 12, 2017
Octahedron Bevel Gear Fidget Spinner by plusalphaDesigns Aug 12, 2017
Magnetic/tabletop Spool Holder with bearings. ADJUSTABLE by sk8rjess Aug 10, 2017
Dragon Tail Spinner by Nitrex88 Aug 10, 2017
Anet A6/A8 Spool Wedge with bearing by 95MBP Aug 9, 2017