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HyperCube spinner (R188 Bearing) by magonegro 7 hrs ago
Thingiverse Hand Spinner by VLNTNF 1 day ago
Large Grip #2 by VLNTNF 2 days ago
Large Grip #1 by VLNTNF 2 days ago
Pinwheel by fredhag 3 days ago
RJ4JP-01-08 Split Carrier by FerociousDiablo 3 days ago
Spinner with miniature bearings by t_colon 4 days ago
Toolson MK2 carriage for igus bearing by Sulanix 4 days ago
FUNNN!!!! Fidget Spinner by thewerefox 5 days ago
FIDGET SPINNER with 3d printable bearings by thewerefox 6 days ago
Wanhao i3 Plus Bearing Spool Holder with increased clearance by martin_au 6 days ago
Quad Fidget Spinner (with 8 M5 nuts and ceramic bearing). by mc0676 6 days ago